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  Web Admin & Editor   Befekadu Beyene

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Mobile  +251-913-036803


2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. RE: Teddy Afro Divorce

    My Ethiopian Friends….what happened to us……..where is the ethics….you should know journalism is not a tool to lie or defame people just to sell papers or get website clicks…Please Ethiopians stop misusing journalism to make money at the expense of truth and your fellow human beings….for God sake….I see the same crap with the Reporter printing falsehoods using anonymous sources all the time to sell papers…please we all live in the world for a short time….when our time comes to leave this world behind, the only thing that we will be judged is on how we treated our fellow human beings…please stop it….it’s un_Godly. God Protect My People from all unworthy deeds…My Ethiopian People….Amen.

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