East Africa

Climate change is cause of Ethiopian drought

(The TelegraphThe United Nations (UN) humanitarian relief coordinator, Valerie Amos says that the world “must take the impact of climate change more seriously”.

During a tour of the Somali Regional State, Valerie Amos said: “Everything I’ve heard has said that we used to have drought every ten years, then it became every five years and now it’s every two years. And it you don’t have the rains at the beginning of the year or towards the end of one year then you are going to have a problem into the next year.”

Many of the malnourished have fled to Ethiopia from neighboring Somalia and this makes the situation much worse said Amos.

Children who arrive at the feeding stations are given high protein food substitutes to try to boost their nutrition levels but the sheer number of people arriving threatens to overwhelm relief efforts.

“We desperately need more supplies, more money to purchase them, more qualified staff, more of everything really to stop this turning from what is quite a severe crisis into a really major tragedy,” said Emergency Response Team Leader for Save the Children, David Wightwick.

Rainfall in the area gave some relief in May but drought conditions are expected to return before the rainy season begins in October.


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