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PM Meles Zenawi dies from a sudden infection;Hailemariam Desalegn to work as the Head of the Council of Ministers

Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian prime minister, has died from a sudden infection while recovering from an undisclosed illness at a hospital abroad, the African nation’s state-run television said on Tuesday.

“Prime Minister Meles Zenawi passed away yesterday evening at around midnight,” said Bereket Simon,  government communication affairs minister.

Mr Meles, 57, had not been seen in public for two months, and had been reported to have been sick in a hospital in Brussels, although Mr Bereket gave no details of the illness. He was last seen in public at the G20 summit in Mexico in June.

“He had been recuperating well, but suddenly something happened and he had to be rushed to the ICU (intensive care unit) and they couldn’t keep him alive,” Bereket added.

The Council of ministers decided Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hailemariam Desalegn to work as the Head of the Council of Ministers as per the Ethiopian Constitution.

Press conference on the death of Meles Zenawi


2 thoughts on “PM Meles Zenawi dies from a sudden infection;Hailemariam Desalegn to work as the Head of the Council of Ministers

  1. I read the very funny interview of Raila odinga of our neighbor Kenya. We all know that Mister Odinga wants to be in the center stage of all African issues often with a very destructive manner. He wanted to mediate the conflict in Cote D’Ivor by which he failed to produce nothing. Now he looks a fortuneteller for Ethiopia’s future. I want to give him a brotherly advice that he cannot make friends in Africa by just footing everywhere. He needs to respect his African brothers and sisters. Ethiopia is not the country that he described. I don’t want to offend my Kenyan friends by overstressing the need to remind him to be more focused bringing internal healing among various ethnicities in his home country. Ethiopia is not fragile State as he dreamt off. It has very strong and credited institutions in the continent. The people in Ethiopia normally appreciate coexistence even in the absence of central government. Ethiopians are a people with long history of witnessing change of governments. However, I cannot deny the need to tell the ruling party to respect all rights as stated in the constitution and lead country to more openness.

  2. Our lovely and brave leader already dead in soul but never in action ..if Ethiopia couldn’t born Meles we will never be as we are now
    really no word..may the soul of lovely and brave man rest in peace.

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