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President Barak Obama expresses his condolence on the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

The official website of White House published a statement by the (US) President on the Death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia.

While I was accesing it @ 9:05 PM local time it is written as follows.

It was with sadness that I learned of the passing of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia.  Prime Minister Meles deserves recognition for his lifelong contribution to Ethiopia’s development, particularly his unyielding commitment to Ethiopia’s poor.  I met with Prime Minister Meles at the G-8 Summit in May and recall my personal admiration for his desire to lift millions of Ethiopians out of poverty through his drive for food security.  I am also grateful for Prime Minister Meles’s service for peace and security in Africa, his contributions to the African Union, and his voice for Africa on the world stage.  On behalf of the American people, I offer my condolences to Prime Minister Meles’ family and to the people of Ethiopia on this untimely loss, and confirm the U.S. Government’s commitment to our partnership with Ethiopia.  Going forward, we encourage the Government of Ethiopia to enhance its support for development, democracy, regional stability and security, human rights, and prosperity for its people.


32 thoughts on “President Barak Obama expresses his condolence on the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

  1. Yes indeed we ethiopian’s lost our right hand that made remarkable infrustractu,and that gave us peace and democracy,and also that sew stability through out the country and horn of africa

  2. Obama, how do you acknowledge this dumb dictator. Oops that’s your buddy who just died. Soooooooo happy that he is dead. He died before he use the money that he accumulate by corruption in our country.

    • DUMB??? who r u calling dumb??? Meles was the best thing that ever happened to our country! he did a lot to improve Ethiopia!!! And what have you done?? Nothing i can assume, Meles was never a dictator, in fact he brought democracy to our country, U shud be ashamed of yourself! God have mercy on u!

    • I don’t have any idea why you people always galvanize the limitations of Meles. I couldn’t even read any common who potentially blame the past regions like Durg.

  3. Some dictators said, “He is dictators” those people are unsatisfied in all opportunities in hand and dream for what the wont have! So sad to loose someone like him, though don’t support his party.

  4. egna Aymotm Jegna Aymotm Jegna Aymotm Jegna Aymotm Jegna Aymotm

    this slogan has inspired me thank you Ethiopian youth that you have witnessed he was your hero , indeed Meles was our HERO, the one who started to Lift Ethiopia from the Gaurds of poverty as he has put it correctly, “the Guardians of poverty are not any more here , what REMAID is Poverty alone, so we have to fight Poverty.” to me those who opposed Meles for his Good doings are the Guardians of Poverty….His Vision to see Ethiopia in 20 years was unbelievably Perfect a man with avison has lost Ethiopia. But the Development He has started will continue with Moral and Respect to the Late PM MELES ZEAWI , Great sympathy goes to the Ethiopian People , his Familie, Relatives.
    Jegna Aymotm Jegna Aymotm Jegna Aymotm
    Rest In Peace….We have loved you , we never stop loving you for your spirt is with us. the spirit of Peace aand Development and attainable Vision.

  5. I felt sorry for his death but for those who said he is dictater i dont agree cause he is not the only one member who did bad things on opposing parties rather as he is genouse he tried to solve things by words and how could u think a guy with great beutifull outstanding mind couid do some nasty things?i believe other non democrat his appointed officials has to be asked.on the other side being corrupted is every ethiopians bad thrend not only his parties as the proverb said sishome yalbela sishar yikochewal.and every body who worked in NGO OR PRIVATE ENTERPRISES has takeing the money till every ones mind become democrat and as meles he is beter guy in ethiopia i believe it is a mere taik that he exploit the countries resources him self but other his officials suerly did.and dont forget we are living in africa where it is hard to find a principle of democracy.civilized nations has built it over centuries.so meles is agreat lider and other his offials has to take a foot step from him.

  6. Yes we Ethiopian lost our exemplary, model ,prominent, star and be loved leader Meles. Our heart severely broken down. it is irritate situation for us. But till we will Ethiopians go forward to achieve the dreams our intellectual leader.

  7. You will be missed dearly and thanks for your undying hard work for Ethiopia.its sad that you failed to see the love u have from the people and for the people to realize how much you struggled for our country up until now, never know the value of something til its gone. May God Bless your Soul and forever hold your peace. ♥

  8. Anbesaw(Lion) Melese, we would like to thank you for lifting millions of Ethiopians out of poverty, making gains in education and women’s rights. Thank you for u commitment Ethiopia’s 5 year national growth and transformation plan program and Ethiopian will meet da policies to remain the same. Thank You Thank You Thank You Hero PM, you will always remember.

    All Diaspora Derge old Regimes supporters…You don’t Support anything positive development in Ethiopia, because you sit at café at western country you talk too much garbage it doesn’t mean you are worthy…you kinds of people opposing any help by west trying to stop Aid…i just don’t understand doing this makes u Ethiopian also you would like to go now Ethiopia to rule Ethiopia u are a joker…..we have good opposing in Ethiopia and I am hopping the authority will fund this group and hopefully they will contribute to our nation development…not you lazy computer Hero.

  9. who some people they are not live in ethiopia think meles dictator, first do you know about dictator? before talking come and see what meles did and doing after that mentaly you may normal or abnormal. ethiopia miss a great hero a fighter of poverty we misssss meles

  10. he was the best man that Ethiopian had. he was the hero of Ethiopian. it not only Ethiopian that lost him it all African he bought a lot of change to Ethiopia although some people didn’t thank him for what he has done you will always be in our heart Meles. we will always love you

  11. Great person from great country with great legacy and passed away for the people of Ethiopia,Ethiopians and Africa. GOD REST HIM HIS SOUL AT HEAVEN.

  12. He is dead at end after he kill a lot of young Ethiopians for the seek of the power ,he is the autocrat,he want to be good by building the infrastructure in town and participating on international agenda in order to cover his bad deed. In my opinion he was undemocratic , focuses his benefit,multiple the corrupted governor, destruct the unity of Ethiopia and create a conflict among Ethiopia. It is Shame up on you for those who appreciate this selfish Meles!!! Development with out freedom is nothing !!!

  13. I think the majortiy of the diaspora are pessmistic view they donot now where the world now. Ethopian peole much more understand than you. you are old collection .now we are in 21st century not in 19 century.we understand your problem you have not time for reading and to learning because….look other ocuntri’s dispora they contribute for the growth their mother countrie in reverse you are trying to dimolish our country.

  14. he was a great leader for Ethiopia and Africa. he was also the only few Africa leader who have great idea and dream for come out Africa poor population from poverty and darkness .we loss our eye .this is really sad . we love ya always and we remember ya meles !!!!!!!

  15. Those Who are Saying “Meles is Dictator” am sure they don`t know what dictator mean. Is Dictator working daya and night for his people? is dictator building Schools and universities? is dictator providing health services for his people? You believe or not He was working for peace, democracy and development for this beloved country.He teach tolerance, respect and mutual understanding to the world specially to Africa.So The abnormal Diasporas you can say any thing you want because you have time to say only no real Ethiopian will listen you Never!!!!! Only abnormal individuals can say Meles dictator. I never heard this from real normal Ethiopians.RIP our Special PM Meles. we will realize your scientific policy and strategy and you are safely placed in the heart of 80 Million Ethiopians.We will see the new PM as PM Meles.Dear PM Meles you will be remembered for ever!!!!!!!

  16. fuck barack obama meles was died due to the attak of radition at america with the ghana leader and one other.long live our hero legesse the talent

  17. fuck barack obama meles was died due to the attack of radition at america assembly with the gana leader and one other.long live our hero legesse the talent.

  18. the way Isee only few people are not recognising what has been done by him and his parties as his achievement is the achievement of the party too.I said bravo ethiopians who start to judge the good from evil.with last decades we have been going through hate and racism which other outside opponents have feeding us ,they dont struggle strongly but they use us a weapon which one day will come back and will have the power.now we ethiopopians dont need fight,our unity is our strength ,our diversity is beauty.meleses constitution and federalism will continue forever,even if the leaders willchange.the new leaders will be the new generation of africa,as like meleswas.THERE WILL BE A MILLIONS OF MELESES HIS SPIRIT WILL LIVE WITH US FOREEVER…..

  19. i’m talking to some diaspora’s, (u know who u r) u dont know anything that is goin down in our country u guyz so u can’t judge being on the outside, Meles was a great leader, u cant expect him to please everyone, that is simply not his job! Meles brought so much change and what did he gain 4m it nothing!! he worked day and night for our country, and he accomplished most of the dream for his country!! We thank God everyday for have giving us such a strong, influential leader. We give recognition for his effort. we are grateful for what he has done,(unlike some Diasporas) !!! Mele RIP!!!

  20. We have lost our right hand, leader, freedom fighter Meles Zenawi. He was the right man for our nation even he has so0me limitations regarding human rights and some policy dropouts.

  21. the world has lost a very extraordinary(unique) person.meles”s vision will live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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