East Africa

Meles Funeral to Be Held At Holly Trinity Cathedral

The funeral of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi will be held next Sunday at the Holly Trinity Cathedral, the National Funeral Service Organizing Committee announced.

Committee Chairperson House of the Federation Speaker Kassa Tekle-Birhan said that though many people are interested to attend the funeral, it is impossible to accommodate all, and only some would take part on the final day of the ceremony which will be held at the Maskal Square.

According to Kassa, only families, leaders and diplomats of different countries, sinior government officials, state representatives and groups who are considered to represent the community such as representatives of the private sector, students, universities, different organizations will only attend the funeral. Identification cards would be prepared to identify groups who would be attending the funeral which would be transmitted live, he added.

Kassa said: “Since the arrival of the Ambassador Mull Katende body, residents of Addis and those from the states are expressing their deepest sorrow at the Grand Palace and at state towns. We have given long time in order to let the people express their sorrow.”

Kassa added that, the Committee has organized a programme throughout the country to enable citizens pay their tribute to Meles. On Thursday and Friday from 5:00 -1:00 p.m. a programme has been organized in which residents of Addis would gather at Maskal Square to say their final good bye to Meles. Residents of state towns would also do likewise. On these occasions, it is expected the people will reaffirm their commitment to realize what Meles aspired.

And on Saturday based on the request of different religious fathers, a prayer service will be held according to their respective religious doctrine.

Kassa further indicated that over twenty leaders have already confirmed their presence at the funeral and this number is expected to rise.

He also called upon every citizen to take head of the Committee’s programme.

Watch The Funeral Live Here.


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