እግር ኩዋስን በሬዲዮ ይመልከቱ እያለ የተለያዩ የአውሮፓ ጨዋታዎችን በማሰስተላለፍ የሚታወቀው መሰለ መንግስቱ እንደ ሰባኪ ሆኖ ዲያቆን በጋሻው ደግሞ ኮሜንታተር ሆኖ ስትሰሙት በሳቅ ካልፈረሳችሁ እኔ እቀጣለሁ . . .  እስኪ ከታች ያለውን ስታንድ አፕ ኮሜዲ ቪዲዮ ይመልከቱ፡፡ መልካም ሳቅ ….Share and make your friends laugh. Share on> Facebook


Share and make your friends laugh. Share on >Facebook



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12 thoughts on “Funny

  1. I would have kill my boy friend if I ever got him cheating on me. I swear to God he shouldnt even think about it. I am so crazy in this regard.:-D

    • What if I tell u that I fuck ur boyfriend twice last week. Hey relax ok am just teething. dont go n kill him. he is innocent. loooooool

  2. 10x God my wife is honest for me. So I wouldn’t do anything, coz I couldn’t ever belive that she would do such a thing on me.

  3. Ere enatwan endewum gilgil new. seriously I dont even know wt to do. Somebody should tell me wt has to be done in such kinda of situation. May be that would help me when I got a girlfriend.

  4. My husband is some one I could only trust in this world. I don’t even trust myself as I trust him. Sometimes God has to give you the blessed person. I think I got more than that.
    I love you wudu balebete.

  5. i am sirprised that i am on this site. let me tell u what i’m gonna do. i will just leave her. b/c she is cheating either she is bored by me or she hates me. so why would i do anything?

  6. nothing……i WOULD BE THANKFUL FOR KNOWING THE TRUTH. Anyways there is no such girl in our country…unless they are hurt-ed by such kind of men

  7. gilifitegna endalihon astemiragnalech gobez lij , yegna ager sew bihon sayigadel ayikerim neber minim sayiderg malet new ? wodijewalehu tiru negeryastemiral

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